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A Perfect Guide to Choose the Right E-Commerce Development Platform for Your Business

People have become addictive to online shopping! With sales graph going up and revenues hitting new milestones, it’s a high time to invest in E-Commerce development. But the real question lies in choosing the right eCommerce development platform. You have Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify and OpenCart along with several others that compete with each other. Choosing one great option out of them is a daunting task.

Furthermore, a platform that suits a startup might not suit an established eCommerce business. Mind it!

So if you are on the same boat wondering which platform to choose according to your business size, then let’s recommend you a viable eCommerce platform that would suit your business size and interests.

E-Commerce Store Development Platform For Startups

• Shopify

Wondering which eCommerce development platform your startup should opt-in to? Well, it’s a real point of concern for many startups because they often live on a shoestring budget. But they do aim for the sky and this is where choosing an online store development platform becomes tricky.

• Kick-Start Your E-Commerce Journey With a Bang – Shopify

But what if you know that a modern online shopping store could be built on a shoestring budget? Don’t believe it is possible? It is and that cost-effective eCommerce platform is Shopify. Just look out at their rates and you would be surprised to know that a startup like yours could start building an online store in as little as $29 per month.

For startups, Shopify comes as a boon. Literally, you could build an online store in a couple of minutes. Adding wings to your eCommerce store development pace, it understands your development time constraints and doesn’t let the one become an eyesore to you.

Add products using automated tools, you won’t need any extra workforce to get your contemporary store build. There is no reason that you won’t applaud it as a startup!

What’s Next If Your Business Scales Up?

If your business scales up anytime in future, you could simply have enough revenue to build a custom eCommerce store for you. Until that time, you could hang on with Shopify as it supports startup’s dreams of online store development on a budget keeping development pace in mind.

E-Commerce Store Development Platform For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

• WooCommerce

If you are a small or mid-sized brick and mortar retail business that wants the best eCommerce store development platform while staying within your budget, then WooCommerce is your key to bring your business online and grow from there. Being trusted by millions of SMBs worldwide, WooCommerce has all those trending eCommerce features that are on your wish list.

• Develop Your Store On a Budget on WooCommerce – Hope for SMBs

For small and medium-sized businesses, WooCommerce opens up a whole new world of possibilities. What’s interesting here is that you could build an aesthetically appealing online store without burning a hole in your wallet. It’s a platform that stays somewhere between Shopify and Magento in terms of development cost and popularity that’s perfect for SMBs.

WooCommerce is a widely appreciated open-source eCommerce plugin for WP that helps you custom develop your store without costing you a fortune. For SMBs, it is a perfect option to accelerate their business until you grow up as a conglomerate. You could later move on to other advanced eCommerce development platforms that offer you even more enhanced eCommerce features.

E-Commerce Store Development Platform For Large-Scale Enterprises

• Magento

As you turn into an E-Commerce giant, you need to continuously beat the competition around to stay at the top of the industry. You hold infinite products in your online store. You might need to run several storefronts simultaneously while using only one dashboard. You could only be able to sustain business challenges if you have an E-Commerce store development platform that offers you top performance. It’s where Magento comes to mind.

• Stay On Top of the Industry With Magento

Magento is the future of eCommerce! Just use it once and you would never ask for any other eCommerce development platform. For eCommerce giants, there is no charm like Magento has. Create a world-class, multi-lingual and multi-currency online store with unlimited products. There is no tab on the level of customization that Magento offers! It helps you develop eCommerce solutions that are on par with market standards. Whatever you need to stay on the top of the market is right there in Magento. What else an eCommerce giant could ask for?

The Key Takeaway

There is always an eCommerce development platform that fits your business size. It’s just a matter of locating it and putting it to the best use to make a mark in the industry. For startups, Shopify, for SMBs, WooCommerce and for large-scale retail giants, Magento is the perfect online store development platform. So don’t wait further to put them to use to grow your eCommerce business by leaps and bounds. So be on your marks, get set, go!

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Date 23 May,2019

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