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Android Q: Discover Really Cool Features Google Just Rolled Out

Google is back with a bang with the release of Android Q beta version. To some people, it’s too early while others were waiting for this amazing update for a long time. But whatever, Android Q seems like having all those noteworthy features that keep Android users hooked. Though Android Q is in beta phase, still, it seems to have nearly almost all features that its final version could have.

So if you are wondering which amazing features Android Q has got for you with the beta release, then check out below:

1. The Fall of Iconic Back-Button

The age-old back-button feature is going to vanish off from Android Q. You are going to miss it! Yes, but Android Q is swapping it for another great feature that you would love for sure. It’s the side-swipe gesture feature that will replace the aging back-button. Double swiping to either edge of your Smartphone would take you back to the last screen. It’s cool, isn’t it?

2. System-Wide Dark Mode

After keeping users in wait mode for a long time, finally, Google has come up with a system-wide dark theme. You could turn it on or off anytime you want. The setting could be changed conveniently via Quick Settings toggle. For developers too, Google has created API that they could use to enable dark mode throughout the system.

3. Cool Theme Option With Splash of Colors

Android Q has come up with revolutionary features that are all set to blow the minds of your users. With an option to change entire UI with lovely colors such as green, blue, black and purple, the Beta 1 version of Android Q is going to bring exciting things upfront. So get ready to shift accent colors whenever you feel bored out of the one.

4. Live Caption for Disabled

Live Caption is just another remarkable feature of Android Q. When enabled, this feature transcribes every word in the videos, podcast or games into a closed caption that deaf people could read. Interesting, the Live Caption works in Android Q without Internet support. Transcription happens locally in the device so eliminating the need for the Internet connection that makes life easier for many hearing-impaired people.

5. Better Control on User Privacy

Google is getting more conscious about the privacy concerns of users and Android Q reflects it through the new rules being enforced. It’s giving more power to users to see which permissions they have given to apps downloaded in their phone. App permissions get clearly displayed on the permissions page where users could see the kind of permission an app has. Every app that’s installed in your phone will ask for permission access every time you log into it.

Wrapping It Up

The Android Q has come up with the innovative features that users haven’t had the opportunity to see in the previous versions. Android Q’s beta launch gives a sneak peek into the cool features Android Q’s final version is going to have. With buzzing features aboard, Android Q is all set to get traction from the Android’s large user base.

With the introduction of Android Q beta version, Google is aiming to drive user experience to whole new levels. For years, Android users have been waiting for something like this and finally, the wait is over. As Android Q is a hot topic these days, it is a peak time to build an Android app and experience the most number of downloads from the Android users and we, iApp Technologies, could help. Consult us for Android app development on a budget.

By admin
Date 16 May,2019

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