How To Build A Mobile App: The Definitive Guide to App Development

The Definitive Guide to Mobile App Development

So, you want to create an app but have no idea where to begin. Don’t worry, read this comprehensive guide on how to build a mobile app from scratch.   Before you begin developing an app, it’s critical to understand why you need one and how it can help your business expand. According to Statista, […]

Digitize Your Pharmacy Store in 2022 – Pharmacy App Development

Pharmacy app development

Empowering pharmacy departments is the most transformative change that hospitals have made to deliver healthcare solutions in the post-coronavirus (Covid-19) environment without sacrificing the quality of treatment. The adoption of mobile and online platforms that allow remote interaction with customers resolves several difficulties linked with the requirement to go to the pharmacy. In this article, […]

How To Create A Ride Sharing App and How Much Does it Costs?


On-demand ride sharing apps have been gaining huge popularity in recent years as they make journeys cost-effective and convenient. Top market leaders like Uber, BlaBla, Lyft, and DiDi generate revenue in billions. In fact, the carpooling market is expected to reach an estimated $220 billion by 2025. The rising popularity of these carpooling apps has […]

How to Make a Dating App & How Much It Costs


Online dating is a $4 billion market that is likely to grow in the future years as more individuals turn to technology to find love and casual hookups. With the demand so high and the market so unsaturated by viral apps, can there be a place for businesses and startups to have a foothold in […]

Why Should Businesses Focus on Mobile Automation Testing?


Businesses can utilize mobile app automation testing to assure that their mobile app is bug-free before releasing it to the market. Software testing is the main process involved in mobile app development. In this process, every mobile app is tested for different features including user experience, loading time, accessibility, functionality, usability, and consistency. How to […]

How do Food Delivery Apps Maximize your ROI?


Despite increased competition, online food delivery appears to be promising. In fact, the food sector has grown so popular that it is expected to be worth $100 billion by 2025. You can now make orders online without having to visit cafes and restaurants, all thanks to the food delivery app development. With these applications, you […]

6 Proven Ways To Improve User Engagement in Your App

6 Proven Ways To Improve User Engagement in Your App

With ever-increasing apps and rising competition, engaging the audience might be a challenge for businesses. According to Localytics, 70% of users stop using a mobile app after one use. Only 20-30% of users will make it to the end of three months. So what you should do about this “mobile app user engagement toll”? The […]

Top 5 On-Demand Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2022

Top 5 On-Demand Mobile App Ideas

While the IT sector is booming and the majority of businesses are having new web and mobile app ideas, the true gold lies in a few successful fields. The idea of creating an on-demand app is not enough. It is equally important to find a mobile application development company with experienced mobile app developers to […]

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out in 2022

Mobile App Development

The mobile app market is growing at a break-neck pace, and to survive in this digital Darwinian era, you need to get familiar with the latest mobile app development trends. Mobile phones have turned out to be our best companions and are the essential key to digital media success. Today, more than four billion people […]

The Buzz About iOS 15 And All That You Need To Know

Apple's Next Generation Operating System

We’ve got everything you need to know about Apple’s latest operating system, from new features to how to get the upgrade. Apple announced the advanced version of the operating system which is iOS 15 in June 2021, which would be launched in the fall. iOS 15 introduces advanced features for FaceTime calls, distraction-reduction tools, a […]