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From tiresome manual business processes to fully automated business processes, iApp Technologies puts you in forefront of cutting-edge technology that grows your business.

Automate Your Business to Experience High ROIs – iApp Technologies

Don’t like to spend too much time on repetitive business tasks? Even we don’t! At iApp Technologies, we weave innovative business automation solutions to help you perform every business task with minimal efforts. Increase efficiency in your business process, eliminate redundant workflows, streamline your business process and a lot more. We make technology work for you.

We deliver custom business automation solutions after analyzing your business processes from the core. Rest assured that your manual business processes would be taken care of with our automation solutions that do the same thing but with more accuracy and speed. Bridging the technology gap, our business automation solution lets you experience ROIs sooner than expected.

ERP solution

Bring down the operational costs, improve productivity, envision success and grow with confidence with our smart ERP solutions. Manage all of your floor operations with a minimal human touch. Track, record and improve your office activities with meticulously designed enterprise resource planning software from iApp Technologies. From accounting to logistics, our ERP solutions simplify complex business functions and streamline them. Here are some of the ERP solutions we offer:

CRM solution

Build healthy relationships with your clients with customized CRM solutions from iApp Technologies. Work, keeping all your departments in sync for offering personalized customer service to your clients. Access all tools right from the dashboard of your CRM software for sending emails, birthday greetings, subscription messages and more. Build your leads, manage your subscriber list, send emails in a flash with built-in email templates and more. We cater to industries:

Internet of Things (IoT)

The creative IoT solutions that iApp Technologies weave disrupt the industries. From smart homes to smart cities, we design IoT solutions that contribute tangible benefits to your business. Transform the way your customers interact with the physical world with remote monitoring using smartphones as IoT devices. From automobile to retail, we have deployed a broad range of IoT solutions to make their everyday life easier. The industries we serve:

Inventory Management Solution

Automate your inventory management and never face issues managing stocks in your warehouse. Our inventory management solutions help to manage your inventory keeping precision in mind. Record in and out time of goods from your warehouse in real-time without missing a thing. Our inventory management software helps you identify every product with unique RFID or QR codes giving you the visibility you need to fulfill your stocks on time. Industries we cater to are:

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