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Sophisticated ERP Service

With iapp Technologies’ precisely developed business resource planning software, you can track, document, and optimize your office operations. Supervise all of your ground activities with limited human involvement as possible. Our ERP systems consolidate and modify complicated company operations ranging from accounting to logistics. With our smart ERP solutions, you can save operating expenses, increase productivity, visualize excellence, and expand confidently. Below are some of the ERP services we provide.

ERP Solutions for Banking & Finance

ERP Solutions for Construction

ERP Solutions for the Retail Industry

ERP Solutions for the Medical industry

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CRM Solution

Works to keep your departments synchronized to provide your customers individually tailored services. Create your guides, manage the list, send flash-based emails with integrated email templates, and more. Send emails, birthday greetings, membership messages, and more directly from the platform of your CRM program. Tools for sending emails, birthday welcome messages, subscription messages, and more may be accessed directly from your CRM software dashboard. Below are the industries where we provided our services:

img CRM solution for Banking & Finance

img CRM solution for Food & Beverages

img CRM solution for Construction

img CRM solution for Transportation

img CRM solution for Health Care

img CRM solution for Real Estate

img CRM solution for Real Industry

img CRM solution for Manufacturing


Inventory Management Software

Streamline your inventory management, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of goods in your warehouse. Our inventory management software enables you to recognize each distinctive product with RFID or QR codes to allow you to achieve your inventory visibility on time. Without skipping a beat, track the in and out the time of items from your warehouse in a timely manner. Our inventory management systems help to maintain the accuracy of your inventory. The industries we serve are as follows:

img Inventory management for Small Business

img Inventory management for Wholesale

img Inventory management for Energy

img Inventory management for Medical Supply

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Internet of Things (IoT)

We provide IoT solutions that help your firm in a variety of ways, from smart homes to smart cities. iapp Technologies innovative IoT solutions revolutionize the industry.

IoT Solutions for Supply Chain

IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

IoT Solutions for Retail

IoT solutions for Real Estate

IoT solutions for Manufacturing

IoT solutions for Smart Homes

IoT solutions for Fashion

IoT solutions for Health Care

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