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DIY App Builders Are a Cheaper and Better Alternative to Professional Mobile App Developers: 4 Myths Busted

Relying on DIY app builders? You shouldn’t because the DIY mobile application builders are good for nothing. Though the technology for mobile application development has become much more advanced than ever, still, human expertise is needed to give a custom touch to your app. Just to save a few dollars, businesses tend to consider the DIY mobile app builders. But a majority of them don’t even know that these malpractices eventually backfire.

No matter how cheap the option seems to you upfront, you should refrain from using DIY app builders. Here are the reasons:

Myth 1: DIY App Builders Offer Cheap App Development

DIY app builders are purely a catch that you should be mindful of. Don’t go over the price, think about what value they are churning out to you in return for money. Though the development fee might seem quite cheaper to you in comparison to a professional mobile application development company, still, it won’t work for you. Eventually, you would end spending more on fixing issues at a later stage. So beware!

Myth 2: DIY App Builders Offer a Great Scope for Development

There is no alternative to human skills as of now, especially when it comes to app customization. No matter how big claims DIY app builders make to you, the truth is that they offer a very limited option for custom app development. In most cases, they use predefines templates that limit the scope of your apps.

Myth 3: DIY App Builders Quickly Get You Published on App Store

Apple is literally very serious about quality with no room for the propagation of app clones. If you are building an iOS app using a DIY app builder, there is not even 1 percent chance that you could successfully make through. It is because the design templates or features that DIY app builders offer are already in use by several apps online. Your app would be counted as clone, should you go in their footsteps.

Myth 4: DIY App Builders Save Development Time

No matter how easy the DIY mobile app builders showcase the custom app development to you, it is the most daunting thing around. Coding an app that works great require analytical bent of mind along with coding knowledge and attention to details. Wasting your time on DIY mobile application builders would put you in a vicious circle of hit and trials. It would not only kill your interest but would also put your app development goals into troubles.

The Key Takeaway

Building an app in a limited budget shouldn’t mean that you could take any route to save a few dollars. It’s pretty easy to get lured by DIY app builders due to cheap pricing. But think about whether they will provide you a custom solution that’s scalable to meet your business goals. It’s hardly the case! So better rely on a professional app development agency that could custom develop mobile apps for you utilizing the best skills of their talented developers to secure your and your brand’s future.

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Date 2 May,2019

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