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Grocery App Development Tips: Hot Features that Turn Your App into a Million-Dollar Venture

No one has time to stand in long queues and buy their day-to-day grocery needs in the most exhausting way. It’s where grocery app development like Instacart comes on the top of mind. They have been doing great in the on-demand grocery niche and you could too. It’s all about loading your app with the much-needed features that help you click your fortune.

So if this is the first time you are dealing with the grocery app niche, let’s help you get acquainted with the features that turn your grocery app startup into a multi-million dollar venture:

1. Include Cart Sharing Feature

While the cart feature is found in almost every grocery app, but, the cart sharing feature is something that a very few apps have. Having this unique feature aboard could set your on-demand grocery app apart. This feature adds more feathers to your grocery app development helping your users to share their cart with their friends and families on the go. It also puts a patch on the falling cart abandonment rates.

2. Make Search Feature More Useful

Though offering product search by simply typing your query into the search box is quite common in grocery apps, still, only a handful of apps provide the one-click feature to add products to the cart right from the search listing. But if you could offer it, certainly, your grocery app could make the product search and shopping easier for users.

3. Deliver in a Pre-Defined Time Slot

A majority of apps deliver groceries in their working hours but a very few of them consider delivering groceries as per the convenience of customers. It’s where lies a gap in the market that you could fill out. Just add a unique feature that allows customers to avail deliveries in a time slot that suits them the most.

Remember, nowadays, professionals have a very limited time so sending them their day-to-day groceries in their favored time slot would work wonder for them and eventually for you too to make you a big hit in the market.

4. Add Feature That Displays Hot-Selling Products

Every physical grocery store has hot selling products at the display near the cash counter to grab the attention of customers and invite more sales. You could have a similar feature on your online grocery store too to bring the attention of customers on the products that you want to sell.

5. Quick Checkout Feature for Instant Shopping

Although the most on-demand grocery apps have a checkout feature that typically requires you to sign up after filling a long list of details. But that’s boring stuff, especially to new customers buying for the first time on your app. If you want to stand out, you need a quick checkout feature that allows to instantly purchasing a product just by entering minimal details. In most cases, only email, phone number and customer’s name are enough.

The Key Takeaway

Every other day a new grocery app gets launched to the market but not every online grocery store does a sustainable business. It’s because everyone follows the herd that limits the ability to grow. If you really want to grow by leaps and bounds, you need to set features that are unique, useful to customers and literally take the burden of purchasing groceries off their shoulders and the tips mentioned here would help you make a mark in the market.

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Date 10 May,2019

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