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What is the Importance of Responsive Website Design?

Web design is the process of creating a complete interface with proper graphics for a website. This process requires several software, creativity and deep knowledge of designing. However, in recent years, a term ‘responsive web design or RWD’ became very popular. But the question is what responsive web design is? What is its importance?

A RWD is a design that can adjust easily according to the screen size of different devices. It fits every screen size properly and makes it easier for user to read. Being user friendly, easy to understand and navigate are some other qualities of a RWD. However, it is not only about a web page that fits in every screen size. It includes everything on a web page, which should fit according to devices. It includes graphics, images, buttons, color, typography and content etc. So, hire the best web development services provider in Washington and avail quality services.

If still confused about the importance of responsive website design, read the following points –

  • Increasing Number of Mobile Internet Users – With every day, the number of mobile internet users is increasing. People now prefer to use internet on their smart phones or tabs instead of laptops or desktops. With the increasing number of mobile internet users, it is becoming necessary for websites to adjust according to the different screen sizes.

  • Enhancing User Experience – Responsive design is also necessary for enhancing user’s experience. When a web page fits perfectly on the screens of different devices, it makes it easier for internet user to understand and read. With proper font and good graphics, people easily understand information on site. They can read content without zooming or without trying to figure out where to click.

  • Increased Traffic – Users like those websites which provides best online experience. A web page that perfectly fits every device attracts the attention of people. They like to use responsive websites on desktops as well as on smart phones. Every time, when people want to get knowledge about a particular topic, they choose sites that will fit their phone’s screen. A RWD gains more traffic compare to others web pages. It can also increase conversion rate and sales. It reduces bounce rate too.

  • Search Engine Compliant – Tech giant Google also recommends those responsive websites. Getting RWD means that one does not have to maintain two different desktop and mobile sites separately. One can easily concentrate on their only site properly and get better ranking. Google like web pages with more traffic and less bounce rate.

  • With the aforementioned information you must have got an idea about the importance of responsive website design. To make the best use of it get in touch with a trusted web and mobile app development company in Washington to avail quality website designing and development services.

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    Date 11 January,2018

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