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Interesting Reasons to Consider Kotlin for Android Development

Kotlin is the next big thing in the Android app development industry. Choosing Kotlin for Android development gives you a winning edge. What could be more convenient than working on a language that’s officially supported by Google for the Android application development? It’s a way safer option than Java that you might like to try.

Kotlin is a matured platform that lets you develop Android apps in the most convenient way. If Kotlin is not on your Android app development list so far, then here are reasons to prefer it over the other options that you have:

1. Matured Language Perfect for Development

Unlike Swift, Kotlin has gone through various stages before coming with the final release. For years, it has stayed in alpha and then beta before releasing its final version. Interestingly, businesses have already started using it for real projects even before the beta launch. That’s because Kotlin for Android development offers smooth development that weeds out any probability of issues during the development phase.

2. Makes Android Development Easier

Kotlin is equipped with amazing features that accelerate the pace of development. If you are about to switch from Java to Kotlin, you will love the immense possibilities that this platform offers. With faster compilation times, Kotlin would fit your Android app development needs.

3. Seamless Integration with Android Studio

Kotlin is seamlessly integrated with Android Studio that’s the biggest advantage around. It gives you an upper hand while developing Android apps. Setting up Kotlin hardly consumes 10 minutes that keeps you up and running in minutes even if you are setting it up for the first time. Plus, everything that you need to start Android app development is right there, be it about using IDE, debugging, or anything else.

4. Quite Safer Than Java

Using Kotlin is a far safer and viable option than Java. You don’t have to struggle while working on Kotlin as it is a more stable option than Java. Plus, the code on Kotlin is much easier to read. So on Kotlin, you spend less time in fixing bugs.

5. Big Brands Are Using Kotlin

Even conglomerates such as Pinterest and Basecamp are using Kotlin for Android application development. So you might not like to lag behind in the race. Basecamp has developed its Android app solely on Kotlin. Since big brands prefer Kotlin, so you might like to try Kotlin and leverage the most benefits out of it.

The Key Takeaway

Kotlin gives you the right environment for Android development. With great features aboard, build apps at an accelerated pace. Kotlin isn’t complex as Java and gives you more leverage to develop Android apps without complications. Putting development struggles to end, Kotlin is the Android-friendly programming language that you should try out today.

Considering Kotlin for Android development? Let iApp Technologies handle it for you. Kotlin compliments your Android development project better than any other programming language around, so you might like to give it a try today. Our developers have ample experience in building Android apps using Kotlin and would love to help you too. Just be in touch to discuss more details about your project.

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Date 1 May,2019

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