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Killer Mobile App Building Ideas for Startups in 2019: Go Profitable This Year

Do you know what it takes to build a successful multi-million dollar business empire from scratch? It’s a startup idea! Having the best startup mobile app ideas in 2019 helps you defy all odds and earn quantum of success. With a profitable idea in your mind, your startup could reach on the top of the world in no time.

Want to take that plunge that lays the foundation to a million-dollar venture? Here are some of the killer app building ideas for startups that set pulses racing while helping you earn a quantum of money:

1. Ride-Hailing App Similar to Uber

Ride-hailing apps such as Uber, Lyft and Bolt are revolutionizing the way people travel. Experiencing growth by several folds, these ride-sharing apps have set new benchmarks for growth in the industry. You could join the caravan too by walking on their footsteps. Building an on-demand taxi is one of the best startup mobile app ideas in 2019 that could grow you to the pinnacle of success. It’s just a matter of building a great app with cool features.

2. Shopping App Similar to Amazon

Shopping isn’t an occasional activity but a daily ritual for a large number of people. Millions of people visit Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other leading online marketplaces to buy stuff of their choice. It could be clothing, grocery items or household items. Sales happen in a flash! So it’s perfect for a startup app building idea to gain some quick money and earn a name in the market.

3. Social Networking App Similar to Facebook

Building a social media networking app is a kick-start idea for a startup that never loses its charm. Keeping Facebook upfront as a landmark, you could build a social media app that connects people from all walks of life. Keep your focus on acquiring as many users as you could so that you could build a brand, leaving behind the tag of a startup, at an unbelievable pace.

4. Cooking Assistant App Similar to BigOven

The world is full of food alcoholics who don’t mind going extra miles while experimenting with their favorite delicacies in their kitchen. They need tips and tricks to cook lip-smacking food that you could offer by building a cooking assistant app. Create meaningful content that offers recipes of their favorite cuisine, tips and tricks and cooking inspirations something similar to BigOven and your success is bound to happen.

5. Food Delivery App Similar to UberEats

Majorities of people today are too busy to walk to their favorite restaurant and have their favorite meal. Their first preference is to get the food delivered to their place. Nothing beats the convenience of enjoying sumptuous food at the comfort of home that you could fulfill with just one food delivery app. The idea is worth earning millions and some of the companies such as UberEats and Doordash are already making millions out of this great mobile building idea and you could too.

Wrapping It Up

Weaving a great app building idea sets the onset of a successful venture. While every startup takes its own time to grow up to a juggernaut in the industry but the success is bound to happen, sooner or later if you do it with perfection in mind. Who knows if you could grow way beyond than Uber or even eBay? You would never know it until you start your journey with a great mobile app building idea and by now, you might have got plenty of them.

Looking for the best startup mobile app ideas in 2019 that could grow you by leaps and bounds? Consult iApp Technologies to know some of the most profitable app building ideas and niches that are still unexplored but have a huge potential to go viral online. We have been building mobile apps for nearly a decade and know which niche could help you grow your startup quickly. Let’s talk to reveal the secrets!

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Date 20 May,2019

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