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Landing Page Design Inspiration 2019: Learn from the Industry Leaders

Over time, landing page designs too lose their charm just like everything else. When your creativity shows you backdoor, having an extra shot of landing page design inspiration helps. Unfortunately, there isn’t any magical formula to design a landing page that gives you guaranteed leads. But following good examples in the industry saves your day.

Learn the essentials of successful landing page design from the industry leaders and you would be on the right track to experience high ROIs. Here are some landing page trendsetters you might like to learn from about the tricks of the trade:

1. Airbnb

Airbnb has revolutionized the way people used to travel. Dumping extravagant hotel stays aside; they let a traveler find their abode with locals for a more charming experience. Obviously, success hasn’t come naturally to them. They have put a lot of creativity in building landing pages that really convert. For you, there couldn’t be a better landing page design inspiration than Airbnb.

If you closely notice their landing page, you would see a large video background that showcases how people are mingling with each other. The design portrays the Airbnb notion in a stark white. Visitors just have to put their email address and get started. The CTA repeats at the bottom of the landing page.

What Could You Learn from Airbnb’s Landing Page?

Pitch smart to your audience with video background the moment they land onto your site. Videos are an excellent tool to get attention from your users. Use visual language that syncs with the company’s goals and presents your brand in the most enticing way. You could display notions right above the CTAs to drive the visitors to your way.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a market leader with millions of professionals signing up new accounts every month. The credit goes to the conversion-friendly landing page. Its strategic design has made LinkedIn a big hit in the industry. The landing page that is being discussed here is targeted at businesses looking to get new leads by advertising on LinkedIn.

The first fold of their landing page includes the LinkedIn’s powerful logo that’s complemented with a bespoke name – marketing solutions. The page has two CTAs. Keeping vague statements aside, the page straightforwardly talks about why businesses should seek their LinkedIn ADs followed by some really impressive stats. No matter where are you at the page, the CTA, Create Ads, follows you with a frozen menu.

What Could You Learn from LinkedIn’s Landing Page?

Start with a bang revealing some of the impressive stats that you have to showcase you as an industry leader. Stay to the point when pitching your visitors. Keep visual clutter off your landing page design. Use the frozen menu to make your CTA visible to visitor wherever he stays on your page.

3. Vimeo for Business

Vimeo is a unicorn in the video-sharing industry. Hosting one of the world’s best quality videos, they are second to none. The company helps businesses that want to advertise through videos with tools and technology to fulfill their business interests. The landing page being discussed here involves Vimeo for businesses.

The landing page is primarily targeted at users who are seeking video solutions for their brands. They pitch clients with clear call-to-action in a big font size that’s placed at the header in white color. The content is displayed in the most engaging way, a few chunks of content next to videos. The landing page has frozen menu that displays CTA, no matter where your users stay on the page.

What Could You Learn from Vimeo’s Landing Page?

Know your audience before you pitch them. Understand what your audience wants to achieve and craft your text around that keeping precision in mind. Your CTA should be prominently displayed across the landing page. You may opt-in to the frozen menu to fulfill the purpose. Pitching impact gets doubled when you display video and text content together.

The Key Takeaway

Learning from the industry leaders puts you in the right direction. It’s far better than making bad guesses that never work to get you leads from landing page designs. There isn’t any magic pill to hatch all the leads in a day out of your landing pages. But you could slowly add up design elements to landing pages that leaders are using to make them work for you too. They test them so you don’t have to, saving your days and nights that you would end up making bad guesses.

Need more landing page design inspiration? Contact a landing page design expert company to help you gain more leads in a short period of time. At iApp Technologies, we could help you with the knowledge that we have to create compelling designs. Let’s make a positive contribution to your growth by designing a landing page design that gets converted without guesses. Ask us how!

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Date 24 May,2019

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