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Most Likely Reasons to Face iOS App Rejections on App Store

Submitted your iOS app on the App Store but couldn’t make through despite several attempts? There could be a variety of Apple app rejection reasons that are clearly listed on the guidelines. Failing to meet those quality standards obviously results in rejections on the App Store and it is not a brainer anymore. Apple has the most stringent process to approve apps that get submitted to its store.

If you still couldn’t make through the App Store, there might be some serious issues in your app. You need to fix those flaws to see your iOS app published on the App Store. Here are some most probable issues that are stopping your way to the App Store:

1. Annoying Crashes and Bugs

Ignored a few bugs in your app? Apple is not going to spare it. The Cupertino giant takes crashes and bugs on a serious note because they affect user experience. The technical glitches and flaws contribute to the top Apple app rejection reasons that you should fix before re-submitting your app to the Store.

Test your app thoroughly to detect even the minor bugs and fix them beforehand to keep luck by your side at the time of re-submitting it to the App Store.

2. Incompliance to Users’ Privacy Guidelines

Apple is very strict when the matter is related to using sensitive user data. When you don’t list your privacy policies clearly on your metadata, then getting rejected from the App Store is quite obvious. Blame no one but to self because you haven’t listed your data retention policies clearly on the description. List them on the privacy policy and also let Apple know how your app is going to use the users’ private data.

3. Serious Violation of Apple’s Design Guidelines

Apple has clearly mentioned the guidelines for designing apps that you need to adhere, no matter what! There is no room for minor adjustments and if you are expecting any relaxation from it, then you will certainly invite a rejection. Apple goes by its rules and you should follow them too if you want your app to get published on the App Store in the first shot rather than coming over and again just to experience disappointments.

4. App Concept Lacking in Originality

Is the recent mobile app that you have submitted to the App Store is a copycat of other viral apps? Obviously, you will face rejections! You might also risk getting banned on the App Store. So the risk isn’t worth taking! Apple doesn’t like anyone copying other app’s idea and present it as his own. It treats it as malpractice. So produce apps that utilize only the original concept that’s unique to get published on the App Store without facing any trouble.

Wrapping It Up

Neither it is easy to get published on the App Store nor you should treat it as such. Make your move wisely. Leave no room for technical glitches and bugs to win app approval at the first attempt. You need to spend enormous time in understanding Apple’s terms and guidelines for successfully publishing apps on the App Store rather than submitting your app with a half-baked knowledge of the app approval process. If you understand and follow the process clearly, getting your app approved on the App Store won’t be a big deal for you.

Still, wondering why Apple rejected your app over and again? There might be possible Apple app rejection reasons that you might not be familiar with but we could figure them out in a fraction of seconds. We, iApp Technologies, have learned it after publishing thousands of apps on the App Store and could help you too. Don’t set yourself on a chase to get your app approved on App Store. Just hire us to do this daunting task. Get started now!

By admin
Date 9 May,2019

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