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Outstanding Features to Include in Your Auto Insurance App

Thinking of building an auto insurance app for your business but confused with a long list of features? It’s never too late to ask for professional mobile app development solutions and reveal the killer features. While the idea of including lucrative features seems unnecessary to you, it isn’t, especially when you are competing in competitive verticals such as auto insurance.

Here are some of the noteworthy features that you might like to keep into consideration while developing an auto insurance app for your business:

1. Quick Registration Form

Offering a registration form on your app is the most rewarding feature that your auto insurance app must have! The form lets your users register their insurance policy without the need for visiting your office. It should also have the provision to add digital signatures to kick-start the registration process. Look for mobile app development solutions that could further custom-develop the form to make it more lead-capture friendly.

2. Policy Comparison Tool

Before registering with a policy that suits users the most, they might like to stroll around for a while, comparing among the policies available. Understand that users like to comparison among policies. It is a part of the process. Just give them a policy comparison tool where they could put the quick details and compare among major policy schemes.

3. Telematics

It’s a rewarding feature that utilizes artificial intelligence to assess the driver’s skills and connects him with inexpensive auto insurance policies if he qualifies. The feature lists out its results after studying the driving behavior of the driver for almost two weeks. The candidates passing out the test don’t have to pay a large sum of money on auto insurance since the risk is low in the case.

4. In-Built Document Scanner

Lots of customers postpone their insurance purchasing process if you don’t have a meaningful feature like in-built document scanner. As a part of the auto insurance purchasing process, customers need to send the digital copies of a lot of documents. But they could turn to your rivals if you don’t give them ease of scanning documents. Keep the in-built document scanner feature to retain them onboard.

The Key Takeaway

There is a lot of competition in the auto insurance industry. At times, leading auto insurance players hustle to grab even a single lead. That means if you miss even a single feature that makes the insurance policy purchasing experience convenient, you might end up losing your customers onto the hands of your competitors. Just keep these helpful features aboard and make your auto insurance app a real success in evolving competition.

Let’s empower your auto insurance app with the rewarding features that help you stay in the business. Rated one of the top companies on Clutch for cutting-edge mobile app development solutions, iApp Technologies is here to partner in your business success. Let’s collaborate to build an auto insurance app with all contemporary features. Avail a free quote now!

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Date 17 April,2019

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