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How Swift is Changing iPhone App Development

In 2014, tech giant Apple launched its own programming language with the name ‘Swift’. This programming language was designed for advanced iOS and OS X application development. Developers working on the iPhone app development and other areas of the world welcomed Swift with open hands. In past few months, it earned a different place for itself among IT companies and professionals.

However, first you need to learn, what is Swift? It is a compiled language which can work with frameworks like Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Prior to this launch, developers worked on the Objective-C language in iPhone app development. Now it has provided an advanced, safer and easier way of application development.

But why it is important? How is it changing the method of iPhone app development?

Answer is –

  • First thing Swift did is to work as a substitute for objective C in the iPhone development. Objective C is an old language, which was struggling to work with latest mobile technology. Gradually, it was becoming difficult for developers to develop new and advanced applications. But Apple’s 2014 launch solved this issue.
  • It allows working all C, Objective C and C++ in a single program. It has many similarities to objective C, which makes it easier for users to understand coding.
  • Swift is also easy to learn, read and debug language. It’s this ability is very helpful for beginners. Anyone can use it for developing new iPhone apps without going in the very depths of programming. Due to its simple syntax, programming became fun.
  • It came with the playgrounds concept that allows developers to see their changes in code in a live simulation. Prior to this, users had to recompile and restart the whole project to see the effect of the recent changes they made in codes.
  • Compare to its predecessor, it is much safer coding to use. It creates the safe syntax that is also simple to read. It helps in creating safer iOS apps.
  • It is also a fast programming language. Its LLVM compiler makes code faster, which in results makes applications faster.
  • Since its launch in 2014, Swift has earned a distinct place for itself in the mobile development industry. More and more developers and IT companies are turning to this language. The only drawback to this it is that it is available only for their applications. There are many other mobile platforms other than Apple’s, which limits Swift’s success in the mobile industry.
  • So, these are a few points that justifies how swift is changing the iPhone app development process.

    By admin
    Date 21 November,2017

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