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Time-Tested Mobile App Retention Strategies that Really Work

Millions of apps get downloaded from the Play Store and App Store every day. But that’s just half part of the story you are accustomed to. Millions of mobile apps get uninstalled from users’ devices every day too. To whom should you blame? Your poor mobile app retention strategies, of course! Well, it’s the bad UI, poor functionality and worse UX experiences that are working against your app. Experiencing thousands of app uninstallations in a day is no fun at all.

If enough is enough for you, then it’s time to take app engagement and user retention on a serious note and these tips could help:

1. Regularly Upgrade the App’s UI

Like everything else, users get bored of the user interface that you never considered changing for the past many years. The UI that never gets revamped seems like an eyesore to users. If you don’t change the status quo and refine your mobile app retention strategies, they won’t hesitate to uninstall your app for sure. What should you do then? Upgrade the UI regularly because that’s the only way you could survive in this evolving world and retain your customers for the years to come.

2. Fix Nuisances Before They Turn Worse

Living with an app that crashes quite often makes life miserable. You would end up annoying your users. Guess what? They won’t give a second thought to leave your app. So you should better pay attention to fixing those bugs and crashes that create a nuisance for your business. Remember the thumb rule, users don’t accept app crashes, no matter what.

3. Ensure In-App Messaging in Your App

Things take a wrong turn when you don’t listen to your users’ grievances. Slowly the issues pile up, forcing users to uninstall your app from their phones. In such difficult times, in-app messaging could help you. It could boost retention rates by 3.5 folds.

Basically, the in-app messaging app is a live chat that gets integrated into your app and lets your users reach you with queries. This way, at least, you will have a way to retain your clients and address their queries before they make up their mind to leave your app forever.

4. Bring-In More Loyalty Schemes

Finding it hard to retain your clients? Just offer them loyalty schemes in your app and they would stick to you forever. Give them a chance to earn rewards every time they log into your app or make a purchase. The loyalty schemes work like a charm in retaining clients. Let’s take Starbucks as an example! Starbucks offers stars when a user uses its app and as he reaches a threshold, they reward users with a freebie. Why would users think of leaving Starbucks’ app when they are earning rewards just to be their loyal user? Do you like the idea? Even you could put it to work.

The Key Takeaway

Building a mobile app and gaining high downloads serve only half the purpose! The real hustle is in retaining the clients. Retaining users is the other better half that you can’t neglect. The app retention strategies discussed here will help you along the way to put a stop to the customer leaving your app. The user retention strategies aren’t too hard to brainstorm. Just think as a layman and you would come up with loads of creative ideas to retain clients on your platform.

Tired of doing hit and trials as nothing worked in retaining your customers? Let us help you! We are iApp Technologies, a mobile app development company that knows the best of mobile app retention strategies that actually bring tangible results to your table. With clear UI and smart UX strategies, we are going to turn your users into loyal customers. Let’s collaborate to discuss further. Reach us now!

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Date 22 April,2019

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