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When is the Right Time to Consider Website Redesign Services?

Expecting optimal performance from your website? Then, you need to pay attention to your site’s performance and consider website redesign services if it is not performing up to the mark. Compromising even with a single functionality or design feature isn’t even a choice. But most businesses tend to postpone website revamping needs to future that’s where you start facing issues.

If your website needs a serious revamp, there are some telltale signs that it will show and here are some of them signaling you to look for website redesigning:

1. When You are Seeing a Steady Drop in Online Traffic

Seeing a steep fall in the number of online visitors? Consider website redesign services right away to restore the online traffic. Almost every site experiences downfall in the number of online visits once a while. But if your site has stuck in a continuous downward fall in the number of visitors visiting your website consistently for the 6 months, then you should better look for website redesigning to improve the website’s look and feel.

2. When You Aren’t Getting Any Mobile Traffic

Is your website failing to get attention from mobile users? It clearly signals that your site is not responsive on all devices and it needs a real redesign overhaul. Nowadays, mobile searches are outnumbering the typical web searches performed across all industries. So there is no reason to see less number of mobile traffic to your site. But if it does, there is something wrong with the web design and you should fix it up with website revamping services.

3. When You are Still Relying on Flash

Flash has become a thing of past. If some of your website’s content isn’t loading properly, then it is a clear signal that you still have flash elements on your site that you need to remove as no browser supports Flash these days. All those flashy texts and flying banners could be created using HTML or other technologies.

4. When Your Site Lacks Key Design Elements

Is your website seriously lacking in crucial design elements that keep the users engaged on your website? If you don’t have any of them, then it’s a warning sign and probably a reason behind falling online traffic. Crucial design elements such as blogs build your readership and add more subscribers to your list.

So having these elements on your site is the best thing that could happen to your business. Get your website redesigned to add a blog section to your site with email capturing forms.

5. When Your Site’s Bounce Rates Reach Sky High

Seeing a triggering rise in the bounce rates of your website? Things may become more awry if you don’t act on time. Bounce rates with an upward trend give you a clear signal that’s there is something wrong with your website’s design. This could happen for a variety of reasons such as the use of high pixel images on the website, the improper layout of your design elements, more number of videos on the site and so on. You need to redesign your website to fix these issues to address bounce rates.

The Key Takeaway

No matter how posh your websites looked a couple of years ago; the things would not last long. It is bound to lose its appeal sooner or later. So you should keep revamping your website over a period of months or years to maintain its charm in the industry. Remember that everyone gets bored dealing with the same UI over and gain. You need to keep adding a twist to your design with new elements to keep it alive and kicking.

In need of professional website redesign services? iApp Technologies could help! We are creative professionals who know how to craft your site’s design elements to spark an element of interest among your customers. Let’s revamp your website to perfection to keep you competitive in the industry. Get in touch now!

By admin
Date 30 April,2019

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