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When Should You Revamp Your Website Design? : 5 Red Signals to Watch

Like everything else, the designs also get outdated over time and demand revamp. It’s the time when you should consider professional website redesign services without giving a second thought. Surviving in the industry has become a lot more competitive than ever. Living with age-old designs makes you vulnerable to security threats. So redesigning your site is the only option to keep thriving in the industry.

But when to redesign your website? It’s a real question! But don’t worry, there are some telltale signs that reveal it’s time for revamping your website design:

1. When You Start Seeing a Drop in Online Visits

If your website design is outdated, it will give you clear signs to consider professional website redesign services and save your sinking ship. When you see a massive drop in online traffic, it’s a red signal, pointing you to revamp your site design. Nowadays, users keep getting the finest experiences when they browse the industry’s top sites.

They expect a similar experience when on your site; fast loads, clear navigation, sleek designs and other top features. But when you don’t meet their expectations, they turn in to your competitors. So redesign to serve them better.

2. When Your Design Looks Like Crap

The design that you have built 5 years ago would look nothing but like crap in 2019. The industry is moving pretty fast, the design that worked a few years ago won’t work now anymore. It’s a bitter truth that you have to accept. So if you have built your site a couple of years ago, then consider it’s time to go for a big haul over.

3. When Your Website Design is Not Responsive

Your website design should load smoothly on all devices. It should snugly fit into mobile devices or tablets the same way it does to desktop screens. But if it isn’t now, then it’s a clear signal indicating you to act. Because if you don’t fix it now with website redesigning keeping responsiveness in mind, then you would lose a lot of mobile traffic and business opportunities.

4. When Your Business is Taken Over By Poor Conversions

It has been a long time since you have experienced any conversion through your website? It clearly signals that there is something fishy with your website design that’s stopping leads coming to you. Its design is poor with no room for interaction. You need to get out of this rut as soon as possible. Website redesigning is the way to go when you are struggling with poor conversion rates.

5. When Your Website Design Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand Name

Running years-old website design comes with a risk! It doesn’t scale up as your business reputation grows. At the first glance, if it still talks about those old days when you were a startup, then you should consider redesigning it. Revamp it in a way that tells where your business stands in terms of reputation in the market


The Key Consideration

Redesigning isn’t an expense but an investment to keep your business alive and kicking in the industry. You can’t neglect it just to avoid spending a few hundred dollars. So don’t look for an easy escape, instead consider revamping its looks to make it stand next to the modern sites. The telltale signs discussed here are the red signals that let you know it’s time to act to revamp your site or face consequences. So what are you going to choose? It’s your call!

Living with age-old designs isn’t a wise option if you are really keen to stay competitive in the industry. Look for professional website redesign services if you want to keep performing to your best and we could help. We are iApp Technologies, the creative agency with a knack for creating compelling designs. Choose us to redesign your website and build your prosperous future. Let’s get in touch now.

By admin
Date 15 May,2019

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