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Discover 2X faster delivery with our in-house Kotlin app developers. Benefit from expertise in Kotlin integration, migration, support, and more. Choose transparency, IP rights, and NDA protection for seamless development at iapp Technologies.

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Hire Dedicated Kotlin Developers for Dynamic Solutions

Strengthen your projects with remote Kotlin developers from iApp Technologies. Our skilled team excels in diverse web architectures, ensuring the development of secure, fast, and performance-driven applications. Specializing in eCommerce, CMS-based websites, web portals, and social networking sites, our offshore Kotlin developers deliver comprehensive solutions.

Ensure a robust, user-centric digital presence with us:

  • Certified Kotlin Developers
  • Exceptional Flexibility for Your Project
  • Scalable Kotlin Solutions
  • Technical Expertise and Security Assurance

Hire Kotlin Developers Tailored to Your Project Needs

Experience excellence in Kotlin development with iapp Technologies - where your project needs meet innovation. Get tailored solutions with our versatile Kotlin developers:

Custom iOS App development

Custom Kotlin App Development

Craft bespoke Android apps tailored to your business needs, ensuring high-quality and functionality.

iOS App Consulting Services

Cross-Platform Development

Our skilled Kotlin developers create seamless Android and iOS applications from a unified codebase, delivering a genuine and unified user experience.

Flutter iOS Developer

Wearable and AR/VR Mobile Apps

Expertise in building innovative wearable applications and interactive augmented reality apps to meet diverse business needs and enhance user engagement.

Flutter Web Developer

AI/Machine Learning Apps

Leverage the expertise of our Kotlin coders to develop intelligent and innovative AI-based mobile apps, incorporating cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms.

Flutter Desktop App Developer

Kotlin App Porting and Consultation

Efficiently port your existing apps to Kotlin and receive expert consultation, ensuring robust and high-performing solutions aligned with your business goals.

Flutter MacOS Developer

Server Side Development

Hire Kotlin developers with proficiency in server-side frameworks like KTor and Spring Boot, ensuring the development of scalable and efficient applications.

Flutter Desktop App Developer

Application Design and Testing

Ensure an intuitive UI/UX design with Kotlin developers who are fully aware of Google guidelines. Rigorous testing is conducted for enhanced usability and optimal performance.

Flutter MacOS Developer

App Migration and Upgrade

Benefit from specialized services for migrating Android apps from Java to Kotlin, harnessing the advantages of the modern programming language for improved functionality.

Flutter Desktop App Developer

Optimization and Maintenance

Post-development, our experts provide maintenance support, addressing code corrections and optimizing the performance of your Kotlin applications.

Flutter MacOS Developer

Technology Integration

Efficiently integrate advanced technologies such as IoT, AR/VR, Machine Learning, AI, and chatbots into your hybrid mobile apps, enhancing their capabilities and functionality.


Our Technology Stack

A skilled, autonomous workforce that is capable of delivering technology solutions and value quickly and effectively.

Engagement Models To Hire Off-Shore Kotlin Developers

At iapp Technologies, we specialize in tailored Kotlin development, transforming your ideas into reality with our expertise.


Why Choose iapp Technologies for Hiring Kotlin Developers?

Advance your projects with our dedicated Kotlin Developers, celebrated for innovative, scalable, and competitive solutions in Kotlin development. Here's why teaming up with us is your strategic advantage:

Unmatched Kotlin Expertise

Leverage our 10+ years of extensive experience in Kotlin development. Our team boasts high qualifications and skills, delivering top-notch work and expertise in Kotlin development.

Proven Project Excellence

With dedicated effort, we've successfully delivered over 300 projects in Kotlin, showcasing our commitment to excellence in Kotlin development.

Complimentary Project Managers

Enjoy the added benefit of free project managers for regular updates, ensuring seamless communication and progress tracking throughout your Kotlin development journey.

Transparent Processes

Our reliable and adaptable Kotlin solutions are crafted to meet your company's current demands. Experience full transparency in every transaction, ensuring a clear understanding of the Kotlin development process.

Flexible Hiring Models

With years of experience and over 300 completed projects, our expertise extends to various flexible hiring models. Tailor your Kotlin development team to meet your project's unique requirements and budget.

Nearly 3000 Satisfied Clients

Enhance user experience with faster-loading apps built on our framework. Join our roster of almost 3000 satisfied clients and elevate your Kotlin development initiatives with us.

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Explore Our Tailored Kotlin Developers Hiring Process

At iapp Technologies, we streamline your Kotlin developers hiring process for seamless offshore development. Our dedicated team ensures acquiring top-notch Kotlin expertise aligning with your project needs. Here's an overview of our specially crafted Kotlin developers hiring process:

  • Screening and Team Finalization

    Our priority is streamlining the selection and finalization of your dedicated Kotlin development team, ensuring a perfect match for your project.

  • Time-Saving Kotlin Developer Screening

    Experience efficiency in screening the best Kotlin developers, saving valuable time and resources throughout the hiring process.

  • Detailed Kotlin Reporting

    Witness the expertise of our Kotlin developers through comprehensive and insightful reporting, ensuring transparency and accountability at every stage.

  • Project Delivery and Ongoing Kotlin Support

    Beyond project completion, your dedicated Kotlin development team remains committed to providing ongoing assistance, ensuring sustained support even after project delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Kotlin Developers


The cost varies based on app complexity and scope. Kotlin app development services may be relatively higher due to its newer status and fewer skilled developers. Expect a premium for Kotlin development compared to more established languages like Java or Python.

Yes, we provide comprehensive post-app launch maintenance support, covering design updates, UAT, version updates, and more. Reach out to our business analysts for details.

Type Safety: Kotlin's static typing enhances code readability and error prevention.

Null Safety: Built-in null safety eliminates the need for constant null checks, enhancing code safety.

Functional Programming Support: First-class support for functional programming makes code concise and readable.

Java Compatibility: Kotlin seamlessly integrates with Java frameworks and libraries, avoiding the need to learn a new ecosystem.

Absolutely, Kotlin is highly suitable for server-side development with iapp Technologies. Its strong typing, concise code, and superior interoperability with Java make it an excellent choice. Additionally, our thriving Kotlin community ensures ample support and resources for your project.


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