10 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Access Control System

10 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Access Control System

Utilizing the cloud-based access control system can help enterprises reduce operational costs, boost network security, and save time. Access control is all about connecting people, properties, and data to the cloud to manage access easier and more secure.

Today, most businesses use cloud computing to handle an increasing number of processes, such as updating payrolls, reviewing the corporate bank balance, collaborating on projects, and managing the customer experience. In this circumstance, it makes sense for businesses to shift from on-site access control systems to cloud-based access control systems as they offer greater functionality and more flexibility.

Here, you’ll find a list of the top 10 benefits of moving your business to cloud access control.

Top Advantages of Using a Cloud-Based Control System:

Remote Management and Control:

Cloud access control solutions offer the flexibility for remote management and control to put you in control of your whole system. There is no need for an on-premise server or panel, expensive IT infrastructure, or specialist employees to maintain such systems working on a daily basis.

Using the cloud, you can instantly add, remove, or adjust access permissions for properties all over the world.


The system provides you with access control logs across all facilities in a single central reporting database to boost your compliance efforts while automating access credential deprovisioning through connections with your identity management platform.

Economies of Scale

Access control systems are continually scaling as new users are added or removed. Gone are the days of predicting future usage of an access control system and purchasing expensive panels that might never be used to their full potential. Cloud-based solutions provide you the flexibility to grow and shrink your system as needed while keeping expenses in line with real system usage.

Using the cloud also allows for simple multi-site growth and worldwide deployments that can be synced and delivered in minutes.

Network Security

With a cloud-based access control system, enterprises with many locations may deploy, monitor, and manage their whole infrastructure from a single device, which is less laborious than having several devices at separate sites. It is also easier to incorporate current security solutions into the access control system architecture if it is controlled centrally.


Cloud-based access control solutions enable you to adjust access at any time and from any location. When someone moves organizations, you may establish new rights without having to make a trip to a computer in a server room or front desk.

Automatic Software Updates

Most on-premise systems necessitate downtime and extensive software updates patches that might last an entire day every few months. These are often required every 6 months to avoid security threats and need full-day or multi-day downtimes. Cloud-based solutions may automatically update every week without any interaction from the firm.

Cost Saving

Off-site hosting of your access control system may provide financial and administrative benefits. Hosting your access control eliminates the price and bother of on-site rack storage, power, and hardware servers, as well as the requirement for specialized software or high-spec PCs, which are often necessary to operate and see the access control settings.

Business Continuity

Cloud-based access control solutions are housed on three separate servers for optimal reliability and security, so if one server fails or goes offline, you can rest certain that your system is resilient.

Always On

Unlike on-premise systems, which frequently need the presence of a system technician to manually push through feature updates or cybersecurity fixes, cloud-based solutions enable changes to be pushed remotely at any time of day. Cloud-based solutions are appropriate for applications that demand safe and effective access control administration from any device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet device, due to its “always-on” model.


The unsung hero of cloud-based technologies is integrity. Cloud solutions are prone to rapid change as a result of the lessons learned through the software’s implementation across numerous sectors. Chances are, the issues you’re trying to tackle have already been experienced and implemented into the platform.

API protocols enable access control functions to be effortlessly integrated with other corporate processes such as workflow and resource management, maintenance tracking, and even HR onboarding systems. The leading edge of tomorrow’s access control solutions will be creative security apps that also enhance business processes—and the only way to get there is through the cloud.

The Final Word

Cloud services have grown in prominence in the software business over the previous decade, and today every major IT company has its own cloud service. Everyone, whether a small or large corporation, needs a cloud service to store data since data is the next power weapon. Big tech is heavily investing in the cloud market because it can completely revolutionize the structure of storage and communication.

iApp Technologies provides a wide range of cloud-based solutions to meet your individual needs. Our IT team will provide you with solutions that best suit your business.