6 Proven Ways To Improve User Engagement in Your App

6 Proven Ways To Improve User Engagement in Your App

With ever-increasing apps and rising competition, engaging the audience might be a challenge for businesses. According to Localytics, 70% of users stop using a mobile app after one use. Only 20-30% of users will make it to the end of three months. So what you should do about this “mobile app user engagement toll”?

The most successful businesses will prioritize customer engagement and retention over reaching out to new audiences, paving the way for long-term sustainability, profitability, and success. Being a top mobile app development company, let us reveal the 6 proven ways to increase mobile app user engagement.mobile app user engagement

6 Strategies To Improve Mobile App User Engagement


App engagement can be measured in different ways including the number of minutes spent per session, how often users update their app, and the number of referrals. Each of them can have a direct impact on monetization, which ultimately affects whether a mobile app developer can retain a free version of their program on the market.

App Store Visuals:

Before you can track the number of downloads and ratings for your mobile app, you have to first make your app stand out in the app store. You’ll need a unique title, an icon, images, videos, and a description that are optimized to attract consumers and persuade them to try your app.

A smart app name, a clear description, and a high-quality image that highlight the primary features of your app can increase your app’s exposure on app stores and allow your mobile product to join the app store leaders. It will also assist you in achieving long-term download growth, lowering user acquisition expenses, and increasing your conversion rate as well as app income.

Onboard your Users Like a Pro:

Making the perfect user onboarding process is the perfect way to improve user engagement. For first-time users, an efficient onboarding procedure is critical. Onboarding instructs users on how to get the most out of their software and highlights its key features.

Your app’s onboarding is your first chance to engage users and establish a good first impression. The better your onboard process, the stronger your user engagement and retention.

Efficient Sign-up Process:

You should probably include a registration form in your app’s onboarding process to understand your customer’s behavior and reach the target audience. The primary purpose of registration is to obtain users’ contact information easily and quickly. A smooth sign-up procedure boosts an app’s conversion rate and, as a result, total user engagement.

Add Relevant Push Notifications:

This is a feature that allows you to keep your application’s users up to date on any new message or event. This allows you to continue connecting with them while also bringing back the aloof users.

You may experiment with push notifications in the form of text, images, videos, or any external link that will send users to a custom-designed website. The latter is heavily influenced by the type of consumers you have for your mobile application.

In-App Messages:

While push notifications mostly attract folks who aren’t actively using an app at the time, in-app messages appear when users engage with the app. In-app messages can direct users through app screens, assist them in completing tasks, highlight significant mobile app features, or thank customers for purchases.

You can communicate with your users via in-app messages without requiring them to opt-in, which they must do to get push notifications. You can also construct highly tailored campaigns using in-app communications. A simple user interface with relevant notifications that appear at the correct moment will help you shorten the user’s journey from the first launch to completing the conversion activities you’ve planned for them.

Gamify The User Experience:

You may provide customers the opportunity to engage in a game if you want them to spend more time in your mobile app, access it more frequently, and enjoy the app experience.

Benefits. Gamification boosts user engagement, the number of new users, and the retention rate of an app. It also increases user loyalty, which results in higher ratings, more shares, and good user reviews.

The Final Word

These are a few proven strategies to boost user engagement in your app. However, you need to create a high-quality app before implementing these strategies. You can develop a robust mobile app user engagement strategy to retain customers by partnering with a trusted mobile app development company.

Mobile app developers at iApp Technologies continue to adopt ad-supported models for apps and aim to build an engaged user base. Reach out to us if you have a challenging mobile app and web designing project.