Why Should Businesses Focus on Mobile Automation Testing?

Why Should Businesses Focus on Mobile Automation Testing?

Businesses can utilize mobile app automation testing to assure that their mobile app is bug-free before releasing it to the market. Software testing is the main process involved in mobile app development.

In this process, every mobile app is tested for different features including user experience, loading time, accessibility, functionality, usability, and consistency.

How to Automate Mobile App Testing?

Creating Test Plan

Before creating the automation strategy, you have to gather testing requirements. So, the first thing to do is to create a test plan and design the whale strategy. The quality assurance team decides the platforms for executing tests such as real or virtual devices.

Planning The Test Cases to Automate

Unit Testing

Unit testing is an Agile Testing technique used to ensure the quality and efficiency of particular user stories, i.e., for a specific feature (or unit) produced by the developers. This is your smallest unit of testing, ensuring that each feature/user narrative works from a design and technical standpoint.

Integration Testing

Just as oil and vinegar do not mix, verified units in mobile app development might fail to function when combined. Your integration tests examine system-wide performance, ensuring that your components work together.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a sort of black-box testing in which the software system is examined to see if it meets the stated functional requirements, which typically necessitates checking the database, client/server communication, user interface (UI), and any other functional component or call (API).

Choosing the Mobile Testing Automation Framework


Browserstack is a cloud-based cross-browser tool that is used to test websites and mobile apps across all browsers, operating systems, mobile devices, and emulators. It enables the execution of hundreds of tests at the same time, as well as debugging using video recordings, automatic screenshots, and logs.


Appium is a versatile, open-source tool that supports a variety of languages, frameworks. The tool is perfect for black-box testing of hybrid and mobile web applications as well as native iOS, Android, and Windows apps.


Robotium is an open-source Android testing framework that supports grey and black box testing. Despite the benefits of this testing, Robotium progress has stopped in recent years.

Google Espresso

Created by Google, Espresso is an open-source framework designed specifically for Android, Java, and white box testing.

Executing the Mobile App Tests

After you’ve selected the mobile testing tool, you have to decide the platform on which you will execute the test. Will you do your testing on real or virtual devices? Or will you employ a combination of both real and virtual testing?

Virtual Devices Vs Real Devices

Virtual devices, known as emulators and simulators let you test the basic functionality of Android and iOS apps. Testing on virtual devices is faster than real devices. However, they have limited testing capabilities, bugs might creep in if they’re employed entirely in the testing strategy.

For example, you can’t test real-world device circumstances on virtual devices, such as battery usage, it’s impossible to evaluate app performance.

On the other hand, you need hardware devices in environment-based testing. Use real devices to test the mobile app from different environments and locations as well as test different OS versions and competing apps.

It’s best to use both virtual and real devices in mobile testing. Use virtual devices in the early stages of development and real devices in later stages.


With these tips, you can successfully automate mobile app testing. The more focused your mobile app testing is, the faster you can work on improving your app and integrating feedback.

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