Native App Development – 6 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Go for It

Native App Development – 6 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Go for It

Native app development is an excellent investment, backed by many industry giants like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. The seamless user experience, enhanced speed, and excellent native capabilities of these apps can beat any type of app available in the market.

As the app development market is flooded with multiple programming languages and frameworks, choosing the most suitable platform and technology for your business might be difficult. If you’re feeling confused about considering native mobile app development, this article is a must-read for you. In this article, we will share with you 6 top reasons why you should go for native apps.

What is a Native App, and How is it built?

A native app is a software application built in a specific language for the specific operating system. Primarily, it has been written in Java (Android) and Objective-C (iOS). However, due to extensive platform development, these languages are being phased out in favor of Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS).

Both Apple and Google provide app developers with their own development tools, interface elements, and standardized SDKs, known as XCode and Android Studio, respectively. These tools make it relatively simple for any professional developer to create a native mobile app.

These applications are tailored to specific systems, allowing you to fully benefit from their features while easily integrating with the entire ecosystem.

Native app development is ideal for your business project if you want to provide the best user experience possible. Why? Because when an app closely resembles the guidelines for popular platforms, users quickly learn how to use it. Here are other reasons that may be even more convincing for you:

Experience Performance at Its Best

Native apps run significantly faster than non-native mobile applications. The native applications use programming languages that are specific to the development platform. This is the reason the platform’s ecosystem pretty well supports them. They perform smoothly as they have access to exclusive APIs. If you keep the app’s performance above all else, you should consider native application development services without giving it a second thought.

Unbreakable Security Shield

Native apps are more secure than non-native apps. Unlike hybrid app development frameworks that depend on system browser security, native apps have several layers of security. It shields your app better. Moreover, third-party frameworks release updates frequently, giving them less testing time. On the other hand, native apps have longer update release cycles that assure you have a reliable and well-tested app development solution with top-notch security.

Access to Certified and Talented Developers

Many professional programmers specialize in native app development. They have several years of experience and are well-versed in the Android and iOS operating systems. This enables them to solve a wide range of difficulties related to developing non-standard behavior, displays, or animations. They can also advise you on technical, UX, and UI solutions to help you offer the best product possible that is also platform-specific.

Scalability That Fits Your Future Business Goals

Native projects are easier to set up because they only need to be compatible with one platform. Even if you’re working on two native projects, they are entirely separate, so you don’t have to worry about compatible app dependencies between platform versions (Android, iOS). The fewer the constraints, the easier it is to scale.

Native apps are much easier to scale than their non-native counterparts. You might be wondering why! Well, you would never know if the framework you are using today would continue to be available in the market soon. However, native app programming languages such as Java (Android) and Objective-C (iOS) have been used in the industry for many years. And they are going to stay, no matter what! So, you would have a scalable solution that you could rely on.

Easy Access to Hardware Features

When it comes to using the hardware potential to its best, native apps top the list! The native apps could be implemented pretty quickly, utilizing the hardware features to their optimum. They have access to exclusive APIs offered by Android and iOS OS that help unleash the full potential of hardware features.

Stability That You Will Appreciate

Android and iOS are owned by tech giants such as Google and Apple, respectively. These technology giants have been in the business for a long time and will stay in the market for years. There is little probability that they will suddenly stop or discontinue the support for native apps.

Being fully supported by platforms from these tech behemoths means they are undoubtedly more stable in terms of maintenance and development. Cross-platform frameworks, on the other hand, are created by third-party companies that rarely make a profit from them. As a result, it is easier for those companies to discontinue or slow the development of the framework.

Tools for Native App Development

When it comes to Native mobile application development, both Android and iOS have introduced the application industry to two platforms:

Android Studio

It is the official IDE of Android OS, providing the fastest tools for developing apps on any Android device type. Have a look at the features of Android Studio:

  • Gradle-specific build support
  • ProGuard integration
  • Layout editor
  • Code Editor
  • Feature-rich emulator
  • Line tools for catching compatibility, performance


It is the IDE of Apple, providing a suite of tools for building apps for Apple devices, including iOS, macOS, and WatchOS. It comes with a variety of features including;

  • Source code editor
  • Assistant Editor
  • Simulators and compilers
  • Graphical debugger
  • Built-in interface builder
  • OpenGL frame capture
  • Asset catalogue

Top Native Applications in the Market!

Because of particular applications that have made a massive splash among users, mobile app development – with its native division at the helm – is a trending topic among developers and business owners. Here are a few of the most intriguing:

  • Microsoft SwiftKey123
  • Uber
  • Helpr
  • WhatsApp
  • Spotify
  • Tesla

The Key Consideration

Native apps have a lot of significant advantages over alternatives. If you’ve already decided to create a mobile app, choosing native app development may sound like striking the bull’s eye in terms of performance, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and security. And the successful instances above demonstrate that these are not just meaningless statements.

Building apps using native programming languages has all those prerequisites that lay a foundation for your business’s successful app building. So don’t hesitate to consider native application development.

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