What is White Label Mobile App Development and How to Create it For Business?

What is White Label Mobile App Development and How to Create it For Business?

Looking for white label app development for your no-code app business? A white label mobile is a generic mobile app that can be downloaded on your device. This mobile app is a basic “blank slate” app that can be rebranded by a business. White label apps like food delivery app and taxi booking app development are created by third party and have basic and general features that are compatible with most mobile devices. The company purchase the white label app and customizes the app features to business specifications. Code free, white-label apps are the exact opposite of creating a custom mobile app.

What are White Label Apps? How to Develop Them and Start Your No-Code App Business?

There are numerous benefits to using white label apps to make and customize mobile business apps. These mobile applications bear lower time to make, as they have a shorter lead time to be ready to go live. The reduction in build time allows companies to launch their mobile app in a shorter period of time than a custom app. White- label apps are a cheaper option for businesses, as they require less investment than creating a custom mobile app.

By customizing a ready-made white-label app, a business can create its own mobile app for a fraction of the cost. These no-code mobile apps can also be extended to meet the specific needs of your business. White label mobile apps are the preferred solution for companies with limited technological and human resources. These mobile apps are maintained by the third-party vendor responsible for updating, maintaining, and improving the white-label app. White-label apps are often hosted and monitored on third-party developers' servers. For non-code companies, this minimizes the stress of designing, building, and maintaining your mobile app.

Can You Build a Complex App Without Coding?

Yes, it is possible through no-code platforms to build and develop large and complex applications without coding. No coding or low coding app development platforms allow users to build apps for their businesses without the help of coding and developers. After the creation of these apps, uploading them to the app store is also easy to manage without any professional help. Most of these no-code platforms have simple features for developing apps, for example, just drag and drop. The application built on these platforms is visually appealing, responsive, and easy to use.

However, you may need professional help if you are building large and complex applications from a no-code technician who specializes in such platforms and help you finish the task smoothly. A no-code platform developer has the experience to build an app from scratch and create almost any type of complex app based on your need, and takes the hassle out of building an app entirely for you.

The app solution boils down to the complexity of the mobile app. It is also based on the application features that you have decided to include in the application development process. A white label app can be the perfect solution for your business if customization features are available in the selected app. White label apps make it easy to build without companies having to employ app development teams for coding and maintenance.

White-label no-code mobile app solutions work on the "software as a service" or SaaS business model. A SaaS business model allows for the development and hosting of applications by third parties. The SaaS product is sold to the end user as a solution that simplifies the process of building applications from scratch. A lots of companies are using SaaS products due to their profitability, short delivery time and low maintenance.

How do you create a white label app?

The process of creating your own white label mobile app is simple and includes the following steps:

First Step - Consultation

Creating a white-label mobile app that meets company's needs start with consultation with best mobile app development company. They create a profile of the potential users of white-label mobile application during the brainstorming phase. In addition, expert team reviews app’s primary features together with you.

The consultation phase can help to get an understanding of how the final product will appear like. As collaborate the company gives the advice on the best methods of making mobile applications. It also helps determine if a white label app is the best solution for your business.

Second Step - Application Development

Hire iPhone app developers and android app developer, they help to optimize white-label mobile app features that suit your business needs. An experienced Mobile App developer, making the customization of a white label mobile apps more efficient. In this phase, the features of the white label mobile app are customized to improve the effectiveness and usability. White-label mobile app will be rebranded using this customization to represent the brand of your business.

To make sure that everything in the mobile app complements the design of your company, mobile app developers pay close attention to even the smallest of details. The white-label mobile app will be tailored to include custom details like company logo, fonts, graphics, colors, and other app design elements. These white label app details will help make business brand recognizable to end users of the app.

Third Step - Launching the Application

In this phase, fully customized mobile app is launched. The app and its features are found within the app store during the launch of mobile app. Users able to access and use the new features, send their comments and opinions about the new addition to company's technological solutions.

As part of marketing and promotional activities, company may promote and incentivize users to download the mobile application. The app development team provide ongoing support during this launch phase and beyond, to ensure business gets the most out of new app.

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