Updating to iOS 16? Here’s Everything you Should Know!

iOS 16 Update

The wait is over – iOS 16 is out for the iPhone, and if you have not upgraded yet, you should do it right away.   

Hundreds of tweaks, fixes, and improvements come with the iOS 16 update. Many of you already know about highly touted features like lock screen customization or unsend text messages. However, Apple added a lot more functionalities that you should know. Read on to learn about the best-hidden features in iOS 16 that you might love.   

iOS 16 – An Overview

Apple released its next-generation version of iOS on 12th September, following its long history of iOS updates. iOS 16 first appeared in June 2022 at WWDC.

Apple’s latest update is now available for download; however, not all the announced features are available yet. Apple decided not to release some functionalities as they wanted to give it more time to work on them. But they will be released later this year with another update – likely iOS 16.1.

Aside from critical security updates, iOS 16 introduces many exciting new features, some of which will make your iPhone appear better, and others will make it much easier to use. Features you will enjoy are customizable Lock screens and Lock screen widgets, especially if they upgrade to an iPhone 14 Pro, which has an Always-On display that takes full advantage of these features.

If your phone is compatible with iOS 16, you can obtain the iOS update wirelessly by going to

Settings > General > Software Update

iOS 16 Price

As you know, iOS updates are always free! Not all iPhones are compatible with the update, but for the ones that can install the latest iOS update, there is no need to pay.  

iOS 16 Features

Custom Lock Screens

Lock screen customization is the most obvious feature in iOS 16. Not only can you change the lock screen to do things such as customize the clock text, and adjust the font and position of elements, but you also can add widgets and Live activities. Even you can attach the lock screen to Focus.  

You can also set up multiple lock screens, each with its own widgets and wallpaper, and switch between them manually or automatically at any moment based on time, location, and more. 

Focus Schedules and Filters

Focus can activate automatically based on the situation, such as when you are in a specific location or app. For example, certain Safari tabs may open when you’re in work mode. 

Edit & Unsend Texts

iPhone’s messaging apps get new features like unsend messages. You can now schedule emails to send later or even undo sent emails. Moreover, you can even update a message after you’ve sent it up to five times, and a history log will be available to show previous edits. You’ll have two minutes to unsend an SMS and 10 seconds to unsend an email.  


You might not think passkeys are the most exciting feature, but they’re the most important. Essentially, it allows you to forget about passwords. Instead, you simply use your phone to authenticate yourself. The approach is based on time-tested public-key cryptography, and if the website is hacked, it makes no difference. The hacker has nothing to gain. You just need to have one of your devices available to log in. 

Streamlined Dictation

iOS 16 enhances Dictation with auto-punctuation, emoji support, popover, and more. The all-new dictation feature automatically inserts emojis and punctuates text as you speak. While dictating, you can easily switch between voice and touch. You can use the keyboard to type, tap in the text field, move the cursor, and insert QuickType suggestions without pausing Dictation. 

Live Text

The feature lets you capture text from paused videos to use interactions like copy, translate, share, and more.  

Battery Percentage

Apple has changed the battery icon with Face ID to show the battery level as a percentage number rather than a visual representation.  

Safety Check

The Settings app has this fantastic feature that helps you in specific situations where you need to reset the access you’ve given to others.   

SharePlay via Messages

With this functionality, you can share any music, movies, and more with contacts directly in messages. 

Health App Tracking

You can keep track of all the medications you take on your phone. Just make a list of your medications and log when you take them to get a complete picture of your consistency.   

Shared Tab Groups

Share a group of Safari tabs with family or friends to start collaborating instantly. Everyone can add tabs and collaborate in realtime.  

Siri Changes

Siri can now handle more requests offline, hang up for you during FaceTime calls, and send messages without any confirmation. 

Fuss-Free Family Sharing

Now you can set up and manage your child’s account with ease. The feature allows you to limit what your kids do on iOS devices and for how long. You can create accounts for children, set up preferences for screen time, age-appropriate media, and more with the appropriate parental controls.

Wallet Gets Smarter

You can now share virtual keys with anybody you trust through messaging apps like Messages or Mail. Another feature is multi-stay hotel keys: you just need a single digital key in your Apple wallet to check in and unlock a room for all your upcoming stays at hotels of the same brand.  

iOS 16 Supported Devices 

If your phone can run iOS 15, it will also run iOS 16, except for the iPhone SE 1st generation, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 7. Here are iPhone devices that support iOS 16:  

  • iPhone 8 & 8 Plus  
  • iPhone X   
  • iPhone XR  
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation and newer)  
  • iPhone (11 and newer)  
  • iPhone Pro Max (11 and newer)  
  • iPhone Pro (11 and newer)  
  • iPhone mini (12 and newer)  
  • iPhone XS & XS Max  

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